Thank you to everyone who donated to the organization, Free The Children the other day! Means the world to me!

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Meeting the MLA Cumberland North, Terry Farrell !!

Meeting the MLA Cumberland North, Terry Farrell !!

Canada Day was a great day! It was 38 degrees and there was a great turn out to the parade! IMG_1917

They had the bag pipes going all day, a fair off to the side, the highland games going on all day and so much more!

My table right on the harbour!

My table right on the harbour!

I had a table set up in efforts to fundraise for the organization, Free The Children. I offered face paint, cold refreshing water and pictures with Miss Teenage Nova Scotia all by donations.

IMG_1900I had the most adorable kids come up to my table, each wanting a different design! Here are some of the pictures! IMG_1886IMG_1907IMG_1910




IMG_1880This little girl sitting beside me in this photo is absolutely adorable! She asked to sit in the parade with me because her float plans didn’t work out, of course I wouldn’t refuse! She was a great help, I would wave and say “Happy Canada Day!” and she’d repeat me and wave in her tiny voice the same thing.

There was a huge crowd.  It was the largest parade I have ever been to and so after awhile of us greeting people, she got a little restless and looked to me and said, “Katie, if you’re getting tired, I can take over!”. I thought it was so funny and cute of her. She was my little minnie me so that it is why you see her wearing my crown in the photo to the left.

I met some amazing people like our local MLA Terry Farrel and a local senior from the community which come to found out was familiar with the organization, Free The Children and donated Twenty dollars.



Local Senior Citizen

Local Senior Citizen & Business Man

Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell



Written by: Katie
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My reign began on May 24th, 2016 and I have enjoyed every minute of it! This tile has allowed me to represent and speak to youth, put smiles on little kids faces and meet some of the top leaders in my province!

Twitter: @MissTeenNS_2016 Instagram: @missteenagenovascotia2016

Twitter: @MissTeenNS_2016

The issues I feel that affect me and other youth the most are equality, negative self image / self confidence, gender stereotypes and expectations.

Why I chose gender stereotypes & expectations 

This year, I was chosen by my school for my leadership and honorary achievements to facilitate and teach different units in a class called Healthy Relationships For Youth to students in the grade 9  level.

One session I taught was, gender stereotypes and expectations which we hear on a day to day basis and are expected to follow. In the class, I instructed the students to come up with expectations of males, females and others.

This unit, really touched me because it made the students and I realise how we become so use to the stereotypes and expectations thrown at us that we almost think of them as acceptable. Which, really is quite sad.

This was before I even applied for the competition Miss Teenage Canada so when they asked me in an interview what issues I thought effected youth the most, that one came straight to my mind and I’ve been advocating ever since of how we can improve this.

Why I chose Gender Equality

I have been very opinionated about gender equality ever since I heard Emma Watson , “yes from Harry Potter” speak in her British accent to the UN back in 2014. Here’s the link if you’d like to see it ,

Now you may be asking, how does gender equality effect youth. Well if you watch the video, you will see Emma Watson shares personal stories of how it affected her growing up or others in her surroundings such as, her being called bossy because she wanted to lead a play, her girl friends dropping out of sports because having muscle is seen as unattractive, and her guy friends not being able to express how they feel because it’s not seen as manly.

Now these just sound like stereotypes but these are stereotypes that we choose to follow because of others decisions, the definition of gender equality is, “the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender”. This is where gender expectations and stereotypes are linked with gender equality because these same stereotypes stop us from accessing the same opportunities and rights that we deserve.

This video really hit home for me because I am one of those “muscly girls” and always have been. It just means, I’m active and very athletic. I don’t look at my muscle as unattractive and I would hope nobody would but the simple fact is youth are and quitting a sport because of an expectation is ridiculous.

Why I chose negative self image / self confidence

I chose this topic because it is something everyone needs to work on and to improve.  I believe it is the number one reason for depression and suicides amongst youth. I can’t say this enough, thoughts influence action. Muhammad Ali is a great example of this. He had great self affirmation and confidence,  he reminded himself in silent moments “I am the greatest”.  I truly believe this lead to his successful legacy.

Another example is, Lance Armstrong.  Everyone is familiar with the Live Strong bracelets and the nonprofit organization The Live Strong Foundation, well he developed them. His organization provides support for people affected by cancer. Live Strong may seem like a brand but it was actually a self affirmation that Lance Armstrong used to remind himself to live strong when ever he was feeling in the dumps or negative.

Negative talk effects your self esteem/confidence and even how successful you are in sports, grades , public speaking and everything! Take it from my experience, I used to struggle on my math tests because I used to tell myself , “you suck at math”, “you can’t do math”.

All I literally did was changed negative comments to positive ones and told myself, “you can do math” and “this isn’t even that hard”. Now I am a honours student in advanced academic math.

We have enough nay sayers in the world already telling us we can’t succeed , we don’t need an extra person (ourselves) saying things too. Remember, no one will believe in you, unless you do and your success is in your own hands.

Written by: Katie
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I am 5”5, going into grade 12, love to travel, learn and am passionate about making an impact in my school, community, province and country.

I am from Parrsboro, NS which is a small town of roughly a thousand people. My parents own a blueberry farm so I know first hand how hard work pays off. In my family like community, everyone know’s everyone. Which in opinion, makes my journey even more special!

Self Improvement is my drive. I love going outside my comfort zone to try new things and can’t stand sitting idle.

My ultimate goal is to become a corporate lawyer and I never give up on my dreams. I don’t sit back and wait for things to happen, if I don’t see results, I go and chase them. I believe I will be the next Miss Teenage Canada and want to thank everyone so far who has helped me along this amazing journey!

Mcing at the JA Awards Ceremony!

Mcing at the JA Awards Ceremony


Some of the 2016 JA team!

Over the past three years, I have been involved in the program Junior Achievement. Through this program,I have had the opportunity to be President for my own company, Muggies and Vice President of Human Resources for the company, Petsboro. I have also had the opportunity to be Master of Ceremonies this year for The JA Award Ceremony.

Sports have always been a big part of my life. It has taught me teamwork and how important it is to believe in you11649_10205775844328780_2809244458624415569_nrself, and that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall as long as you get back up again and keep pushing. Where ever I go, I know sports will always be something I continue to be apart of.



Two groups I have had the opportunity to be involved in to make a large impact in my commu12190884_755825507857385_150025699137887800_nnity is the Parrsboro Youth Town 12301639_909914105761141_7277617172647640322_nCouncil and Leadership Experience Opportunity (LEO) Club. We serve our community by planning fun events for each age group, help fundraise money for organizations or individuals and so much more!



Written by: Katie
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