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After dance classes finished for the year, I happened to have a lot more time on my hands. So, I thought, what a great opportunity to start doing more charitable activities, wearing my crown and sash in public, and bringing more awareness to my platform! In today’s post, I will be going over some of the activities I took part in this week and what I plan to do next 🙂

To start off the week, I performed in my school’s choir concert for the international day against homophobia and transphobia. We sung a large variety of songs to raise awareness on the issues that the LBGTQ community is faced with on a daily basis. Some of our pieces we performed included “Born this Way”, “Don’t Cry Out Loud”, and the “Rainbow Connection”. Overall we raise quite a bit of money and had a pretty good time.

The next day, Tuesday, was election day for my province! All day, I was working as an information officer to greet and offer any additional assistance. At the end of the night, we counted up all the votes for our specific polling station. It was great to see all kinds people getting out to vote and making an effort to have their voices heard!

On Wednesday, I attended the awards gala for my school. Hundreds of students were rewarded for their extra-curricular involvement, good citizenship, and academic standings. As for myself, I was awarded a math achievement award for placing in the top 25% in the school for the University of Waterloo Galois Contest, as well as a general achievement award for my participation in Student Council, Shared Reading Program, the French Oral Speaking Contest, Rotary Club Leadership Day, School Choir, and volunteering at the French Preschool. Last Sunday, I also earned the Grand Jeté Award, a prize that dance students who contribute significantly to the dance community as well as the local arts and theater communities.

On Thursday, I had musical practice and voice, so that was pretty regular day for me!

On Friday, I volunteered at my local veterinary clinic, which is not only a great opportunity to help out the hard-working vet doctors, but also to deepen my own understanding of the medical and veterinary fields. Since my platform is career and life coaching, I firmly believe that exposing yourself to a work environment in a field that interests you is one of the best ways one can find their perfect profession. All the vets in this clinic are just so friendly and fun to work with, and your furry friends will always be in good hands with them!!

On Saturday, it was not only the first day of the weekend, but also the day of our amazing farmer’s market. Dozens of vendors gather under the old fire hall to sell an array of desserts, fresh vegetables, and art! There is also some pretty good music there. Since the musical I am involved with will be opening in less than a week, we decided to seize the opportunity to advertise for our show right at the farmer’s market, only to then break out into a flash mob of 80s songs, dance, and rock and roll! This was also my first time wearing my crown and sash out in public, and I spent three hours walking around town, introducing myself to businesses, educating pedestrians and market goers about my platform, and in general just promoting my new title!

I also came across a charitable barbecue by a local church, and an Acadian music group performing some good songs! My friend actually had a booth set up to fundraise for a project to build a school in Ecuador for her school’s We-Act group. Of course, I just had to stop by and help her out for a little while!

And finally, on the last day of the week, Sunday, I got an opportunity to perform a dance at my church along with several other students of the Sunday School. It turned out to be a fun service of comedy, musical theater, piano music, and dancing! Best of all, the church was hosting an end of the year event and BBQ outside, and I got the pleasure of volunteering at the face painting booth, along with a couple of other lovely ladies! I finished off the weekend by singing a couple of songs in my studio’s annual voice recital.

Phew! I sure had a lot of fun this week, especially since I was just starting to make my first couple of appearances! This weekend, I plan to participate in the Walk for Autism, either as a walker or a volunteer. And in the next couple of weeks, I plan to continue to make appearances at places such as races and larger-scale festivals, including out of town events. In the future, I would also love to create a youth empowerment or a peer mentoring group, so youth can get together and harness their potential to make change! I have already started contacting event organizers, so I am eager to start marking my calendar with days of volunteering, festivals, and even more fun!

Zoe, Miss Teenage Nova Scotia 2017

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  1. Miss Teenage Avalon says:

    You’ve been so busy! Great job promoting and going to events. Keep up the great work! 🙂