Spring has definitely sprung here in Nova Scotia! The leaves on the trees are coming out, the flowers are blossoming, and that exciting, busy time of the year is just around the corner. For me, the last couple of months have been full of surprises. As a freshman in high school, I am finally starting to discover who I am and what to think of the world around me. This year, I have been taking more risks than ever before. I have learned that each one of us has the power to shape our destiny, that the sky is truly the limit. Ever since I started taking advantage of the all the wonderful opportunities available to youth, I have seen a world of a difference in my life.

So, you can imagine the surprise I had after learning that I would represent my province at the Miss Teenage Canada national pageant in Toronto! For years I wanted to be someone, a role model, a change-maker, or a better version of myself, and finally, I got the opportunity to be exactly that! I knew that there would be a lot of responsibilities to take on as a titleholder, but nevertheless, I felt 100% ready to accomplish my goals and determined to make the most of my year as Miss Teenage Nova Scotia.

Sometimes, I like to call myself a dreamer. This type of perspective helps me keep an open mind, an open heart, and an open soul. Just think about it. . . We are only here for a short amount of time, and during that time, each one of our actions and choices has a profound impact on not only our own lives, but the lives of the ones around us. You do not need to solve world hunger, or become president of a major organization to be considered a leader (but if you want to, go ahead!). Leadership is already within us, and the small acts of kindness that build up over time are just as meaningful. Never underestimate the true power you have inside!

In April 2017, I traveled to Montreal for a week along with 37 other youth for a Canada 150&Me forum. During that week, I realized that young children and teens in our country already have everything they need to reach their goals in life, but yet many youth still feel like they are not capable of taking the big leap. I believe that passionate, hard-working and motivated youth are the key to a brighter future, and everyone has a talent just waiting to be uncovered. Thus, I have made it my mission to empower youth, to guide them through their passage from childhood to adulthood, to not only help them choose the right career, but to help them lead the life they want. My ultimate goal is to start a peer mentoring  organization community where youth in need of positive influence in their life can talk to people who will listen.

Now you know a bit more about my platform and why I choose it, I am going to tell you  more about myself! I consider myself a very musical person. I dance approximately ten hours per week, in the styles of ballet, contemporary, and jazz. This weekend happens to be our studio’s annual dance recital, which means I have a fun couple of days of performances ahead of me! I also really enjoy singing, I am a coloratura soprano and I have performed songs in German, French, Italian, and Spanish. I take weekly piano lessons to complement my singing training as well. And finally, I love to act in musicals whenever I can! Currently I am participating in a student-run musical, and there is only two weeks left until show time! How exciting!!

So to wrap it up, I already have many ideas on ways I can promote my platform, how I can give back to my province and my community, and how I can use my title to accomplish larger scale projects. I will be posting my adventures as a delegate for Miss Teenage Canada on my social media platforms and on this blog, so stay tuned! I am beyond grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and I hope you will all get the chance to head out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Have an amazing rest of the week! 🙂

Zoe, Miss Teenage Nova Scotia 2017

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