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As we all know, community service and volunteer work is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a difference in your region. There are already many organizations one can volunteer their time at, including food banks, nursing homes, big brothers big sisters, and the salvation army. They are definitely all worthy commitments to make, and the impact you have on the citizens of a community can create a butterfly effect, creating vibes of positive energy and empowerment.

On Saturday, I volunteered at the Truro Chapter Walk for Autism. It was a beautiful day to walk around town supporting a cause!  The goal of the event was to have participants raise money to donate to fund programs and support opportunities for families living with autism. Many individuals and teams where walking in support of a relative or a friend who has autism. As of now, 1 in 68 children will be born with an autism spectrum disorder, which means that it is important to raise awareness on the cause so autistic children can continue to live wonderful lives where they feel included and celebrated for their uniqueness!


We started off at the Victoria Park bandstand for registration, where there was an array of games for children to play, and colorful t-shirts were distributed to the walkers as well. There was even a small petting zoo! I was in charge of the frisbee throwing station, where children tried their hands at throwing disks into a hoop. After that, the other youth volunteers and I helped to lead a fun warm-up dance, to get everyone pumped up for the walk. And with that, we were off! There was two routes, a shorter one for younger children and families, and a longer one, which covered the perimeters of the town.

In the middle of the walk, both groups of walkers congregated at the town’s civic square to freshen up on some water and to put together a giant puzzle before heading off to return to the park.


Once we got back, the Atlantic Superstore was kind enough to have a free barbecue for the hungry walkers. To top it off, we enjoyed a delicious slice of cake before heading home.

Overall, I had a great time volunteering at the 2017 Truro Chapter Walk for Autism. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only get out and enjoy the sunny weather, but also to get involved in the community and make a difference in the lives of children and people living with autism. Everyone deserves equal love and respect, and when we recognize the strengths of those who are diagnosed with autism, ADHD, down syndrome, etc. and honor their contributions, we will have a society that celebrates the unique power of every single individual.

Zoe, Miss Teenage Nova Scotia 2017

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