Miss Teenage New Brunswick & I flew on the same flight today!

Miss Teenage New Brunswick & I flew on the same flight today!

Today was an amazing day! Which insures me that it will be an unforgettable week here in Toronto! First, I got the chance to fly in with a fellow title holder, Miss Teenage New Brunswick! It was about a two hour flight from Moncton, NB to Toronto, ON.

As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we all went into a room to make friends and meet and greet each other! So far, I have already met so many sweet girls and am making immediate best friends.


By the way, I’m not short, I am fun sized!







After meeting all the girls, I was fully emerged into a room full of sponsors and received many awesome gifts!

Nuvango Clothing

First of all, I am in love with my new Nuvango t-shirt!! There was a table set up,13709747_1044505298968687_680265654_ofull of t-shirts and leggings covered in colourful designs, paintings and artwork! I learned Nuvango collaborates with artists from around the world to design incredible apparel & accessories featuring their original artwork. All their great clothing is made in their studio factory right here in Toronto, Canada. They even have an art gallery and retail store as well, so if you buy their products, you can be a walking piece of art.

Nuvango Table

Nuvango Table

Make sure to check out their website, Facebook Twitter and Instagram, it will all be posted by their logos at the bottom of this page!

Golden Glamour Goddesses

Next, I walked up to the  Golden Glamour Goddesses (GGG) table to see more of their products. They had on the table, after tanning cream and tanning solution. I got the chance to sign up for eye lash extensions or to be spray tanned. I signed up for the eye lash extensions! I can’t wait to try their products out!


This lady beside me is to thank for the bags full of tanning cream and tanning solution!


The GGG table

The GGG table


VPI Shades

The next awesome gift I received was a pair of sunglasses from V.P.I eye wear. If you like the shades, i’m wearing. You can get the same pair off their website at https://www.vpicanada.ca/SUNGLASSES/round-framed-vintage-style-sunglasses-3904/. He informed me, currently all their sale items range from $2.80-$20.00!!!! I recommend you get a pair, and we can be styling together!

Thank you VPI eye wear for the new styling shades!

We’d like to thank V.P.I eye wear for the new styling shades!

The VPI table and beautiful Toronto view in the background!

The VPI table and beautiful Toronto view in the background!

13694260_1891643944396361_133006088_oThey even gave me this awesome gift card!

13702441_1044505218968695_1366842134_o (1)

Sweets Canada – Chocolates

Their banner shows the variety of pedals you can get mixed in with your chocolate.

Their banner shows the variety of pedals you can get mixed in with your chocolate.

I SCREAM, WE SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! That’s right, I have changed up the saying because one if the tables had Sweets Canada quality chocolate! I received Dark Chocolate with edible Jasmine Petals. I love trying new things and this style of chocolate was definitely a new experience for me! It made me feel healthy eating flower pedals in my chocolate but it also gave a richness to the chocolate.

I was very surprised to find out this style of chocolates are made by hand.

Q'bites are so good!

Q’bites are so good!

13702302_1045648378854379_110184155_oI also was given a box of the Q’bites chocolate. They are so good and there are so many flavors!

13720648_1044505152302035_792326537_o (1)

Golfing Lessons

13731062_10157207071045525_7870572669834361133_oPlayed Mini Putt and most of been beginners luck because I got it in on my first try! #skilledmissteenagenovascotia13692192_1045165838902633_815913384_o Everyone who made it through the first putt, had a second competition. Sadly, I didn’t make the cut for the second round but now I know where to go for couching. If you see the sign behind me it says “Bradlee Ryall” which is a school where you can get golf lessons, which I might just have to look into ! Hahaha

I love Archery!! – Archers Arena

Parrsboro's Archery Team! :)

Parrsboro’s Archery Team! 🙂

I just joined Fundy Shore Archery Club this year, because my family is big into hunting and I wanted to try something new. I have been in love with this sport, ever since! My coach is great and there are not a whole lot of students in the club so you really get one on one time and don’t have to wait long to shoot!

13709569_1045769228842294_1903690148_o (1)

One of my groupings from practice


Sorry Randy (my archery coach) ! Haha

Speaking about my love of archery, I was even considering doing it for my talent!

Notice the marshmallow tip, that I mentioned.

Notice the marshmallow tip, that I mentioned.

Then during the party, I noticed their was a bow in the room so my first instinct was to go to it and get a picture!

I heard we were going to be touring Toronto! I love travelling so that was defiantly going to be the highlight of my week. Once they told us, we were going to be stopping by the Archers Arena sometime this week, I was and still am astatic! It’s not the exact same as professional archery though. On the terms of the arrow instead of a sharp dangerous point, there is a marshmallow like sponge that keeps it from hurting others when you fire them off at each other in a room!

Welcome gifts and essentials from the Miss Teenage Canada team!

Saving the best for last. Miss Teenage Canada provided me with a new sash, bathing suit heals, hat and t-shirt. No party is complete without cake and pizza! That is exactly what we had.



Thank you to Qupid for the heals ! They are gorgeous!

Thank you to Qupid for the heels ! They are gorgeous!







I was so excited when I found out we13730739_1044505272302023_1593542967_o were receiving our bathing suit heels that night, because I couldn’t wait to wear them to rehearsal and get use to them! I tried them on as soon as we got to the room and instantly fell in love with them! <3  If you like the ones in the photo, they are from Qupid! Be sure to check them out! Get the same pair and we can be twinning!

Thanks to all the sponsors: Nuvango,Q’Licious Chocolates, Storia PR, Goldenglamour GG, HashtagioSocial, Bradlee Ryall Golf Enterprises Inc., Archers Arena, and VPI Canada Limited for all the goodies, and a great time at the Welcome Party! Also shoutout to all the other Miss Teenage Canada sponsors: Rimmel London Canada, Sally Hansen, Archer Dental – Toronto Dentist, Bata Shoe Museum, Fish’D by EDO, and Yogen Fruz!

Links & Social Media’s of AWESOME sponsors include: 


Website: http://www.vpicanada.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VPIEyewear/?fref=ts


Website: http://www.archerdental.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/archer.dental.3


Website: https://www.nuvango.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nuvango/


Website: http://hashtagio.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hashtagioapps/


Website: https://www.bradleeryall.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kaneff-Golf-Academies-1710816379132427/?fref=nf


Website: http://sweetscanada.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/canadasweetshop/

downloadWebsite: http://www.archersarena.com/#combat-archery-toronto

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArchersArena/?fref=ts


Website:  http://www.gggoddesses.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoldenGlamourGoddesses/




Written by: Katie

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