Trends are constantly changing, and sometimes, you have to sprint to keep up with them! Also, different styles are specific to different regions, and Nova Scotians are known to have a laid-back, comfortable, and practical style, often with a kooky artistic flair! People of our province can be seen sporting sundresses in the Annapolis Valley, to plaid skirts on the South Shore. I feel that our Nova Scotian styles really exemplify our casual way of living. Comfort is certainly one of the main qualities we look for in clothes, because when we feel good, we look good!! Despite our love for comfort, that doesn’t mean we are any less stylish! For our Miss Teenage Canada Blog Assignment #2, we were asked to venture out to the streets of our hometowns to find and photograph some of the most inspiring fashions, to help grow an online Canadian look-book called Street Chic. We then interviewed the subjects to find out as much as possible about the clothes they were wearing and the person that was wearing them! And finally, we snapped a couple shots and put together a promotional blog post on the Street Chic Canada Website.

On August 2nd, I took the street of Truro Nova Scotia to interview and photograph some of the latest fashions right here on the streets! Here are four subjects I found that are really are rocking their “passion for fashion”.

Which street did I choose and why?

In my town, we have a King Street, a Queen Street, a Duke Street and a Prince Street! King Street is located more in the suburbs, while Queen Street is a long strip that leads down to the commercial area. Duke Street is in the historical side of town, it is a beautiful street, although still fairly quiet! As for Prince Street, it is located right in the heart of Downtown Truro, and is home to chic boutiques, the Truro Farmer’s Market, the popular Nook and Cranny restaurant, Noveltea Bookstore and Coffee Shop, Clay Café, the Marigold Cultural Centre, and of course the Truro Public Library and Civic Square, where most of these photos were taken. It is no wonder that I chose Prince Street to find the funkiest fashions around! With cool coffee shops and bakeries popping up at every corner of the block, Truro is the perfect place to express one’s individual style, and beautiful Prince Street happens to be the most vibrant and expressive place in town.

Dannette: The Frugal Female

I caught this lady on her way to a meeting, and I couldn’t help notice her simple yet elegant style. It captures the true essence of “pretty and practical”. Best of all, she buys most of her outfits from thrift stores for $10 or less! In our area, there are several second hand clothing stores, such as New to You, Frenchies, and Louis. In my opinion, it is not necessary to spent a fortune to look great, and you can find plenty of good qualities clothing pieces if you take the time to thoroughly search the bins. And once you tastefully pair them together with a couple accessories, you get a killer outfit!

  •  Colors: deep purple
  • Materials: polyester
  • Style: collared long-sleeve blouse
  • Price: under $1
  • Colors: light grey
  • Material: cotton-lycra
  • Style: leggings
  • Price: under $10                                                                  
  • Colors: light brown and silver
  • Style: Sandals
  • Price: Under $10

At 58 years old, Dannette is living proof that you can be stylish no matter how young or how old you are! Something interesting about Dannette is that she “tells it like it is”! Honesty sure is a good quality to have! I spotted Dannette and took her picture on the corner of Prince and Inglis Street, another shopping hotspot in downtown Truro! She is a beautiful person inside and out, and all I can say is she totally ROCKED this look!

Chloee:  The Denim Dreamer

Chloee, despite being only 17 years old, has already directed a musical called “Rock of Ages” as well as a movie called the “Charlie Wilcox Film Project”. She is ambitious, goal-oriented girl, as well as an avid arts supporter in the community. I find that this young and playful style really complements her artistic personality, it is a youthful look, yet timeless!


  • Colors: navy, white and blue stripes
  • Materials: denim, cotton
  • Store: Louis
  • Style: high-waisted skirt, tank top
  • Price: $10
  • Colors: bright red
  • Materials: hemp, cotton and recycled polyester
  • Store: Margolians
  • Brand: Toms
  • Price: on sale for $20

And finally, the blue pearled necklace she is wearing adds the perfect touch to form a colorful, youthful and laid-back style! But of course, a girl’s best accessory is always her smile!!

This picture was taken in front of the Truro Public Library and Civic Square, at about 7:30 pm. Chloee is such an inspirational girl and she really shows her funky, artistic side through her own individualized style.

Islay: The Casual Camper

Every summer, the beautiful Islay tours around our province with her family exploring nature and visiting provincial and national parks. Camping, which one of the best ways to get up and close with the beauty of nature, is something that has become a routine activity for Islay. A frequent camper like herself needs a practical, comfortable, and easy-going style, and her attire serves all of those purposes while adding a casual, colorful flair. She looks super happy and confident in this picture, and in the end, it isn’t the clothes that matter, it is how you wear them. She is 16 years old and with her love of ballet, piano, reading and photography, she is living the teenage dream! Here are the details of what Islay was wearing that day.

  • Color: black
  • Materials: 96% rayon and 4% spandex
  • Store: Warehouse One
  • Style: tank top
  • Price:$15
  • Colors: dark blue
  • Materials: denim
  • Store: American Eagle
  • Price; $40
  • Colors: pink, orange, and blue with brown sole
  • Materials: yoga mat and knitted fabric
  • Store: Sport Chek
  • Style: sandals
  • Price: $40                                                                                                 

Although Islay’s outfit is fairly simple, it is adventurous and adorable, just like her!  Islay attends the local Acadian school and is currently working at the French Community Centre day camps for kids! She is a sweet and kind girl and she rocks this outfit even more with her great personality!

Bill: The Local Librarian

I happened to catch this librarian after he was heading out from work for the day. Of course, if you hang out in front of the library all day, you’re bound to come across at least couple librarians! Bill has a casual yet sophisticated style that works great with his occupation while giving him some much needed comfort for the day! After all, dressing for the occasion is so important!! Here are the specifics of what Bill was wearing…


  • Colors: navy with white stripes
  • Materials: 100% polyester
  • Style: collar shirt
  • Brand: George
  • BELT
  •   Colors: tan brown
  •   Materials: real leather
  •   Brand: Canterbury
  • Colors: beige
  • Materials: 100% polyester
  • Store: Mark’s
  • Brand: Denver Hayes
  • Price: about $50
  • SHOES 
  • Colors: black
  • Materials: leather
  • Style: dress shoes
  • Brand: Clark’s
  • Price: $100

Both the shirt and the belt were Christmas gifts.  He says he generally doesn’t put much thought into his style, but regardless, he still pulls off this look pretty well! After all, once you’ve truly found your own authentic style, putting together outfits to reflect on it is a breeze!! Bill has a passion for reading and running, and he thoroughly enjoys working at the beautiful Truro Public Library!

I’ve really enjoyed meeting the subjects and learning about their own unique styles. Being yourself consists of separating yourself from the mainstream to do what’s best for YOU, regardless of what anyone else says. It DOES take a lot of bravery to go out into the world wearing clothes that describe the authentic you, and all the subjects interviewed capture the true meaning of the Miss Teenage Canada logo itself, “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful”. Every outfit tells a story, and often you can figure out someone’s mood, occupation, age, and even the places they have lived or traveled to just by looking at their style! Clothing is also great way for companies to gain wider exposure by printing their logos on T-shirts. Another similar version of this article is now up on the Street Chic Website, and I discuss a lot about the ever changing trends and the rush that comes with keeping up with them. My advice? When in doubt, flash a smile and let your inner beauty shine through! No matter what you are wearing, if you have a beautiful personality, that will always shine through! A Good Heart Never Goes Out of Style in Truro Nova Scotia!!

Writing the article came with both challenges and new learning opportunities. When I ventured out to the streets, I found it difficult to find people who agreed to be interviewed, especially considering their busy mid-week schedules. I then decided to choose a different street (Prince Street!), where I luckily found more subjects with tasteful clothing styles. Although they may not have came directly from the catwalk, their styles are each very individualized and exemplify the diverse demographics we have here in Truro.

Once I found the subjects, the next challenge was to take a good picture of them! Considering they time of day and the fact that I took all the photos with an Iphone 6S, they didn’t come out as good as I thought they would. The subjects blended in with the background, when really the whole purpose of style is to stand out!! Nevertheless, I had very good chats with all four of them, and even when a camera fails, the experiences you had and the memories you made will stay with you forever!

Style really is one of the best forms of self-expression, and from working on this assignment, I have learned about not only fashions in my home province, but of the fashions all over my beautiful country. Street Chic Magazine is an excellent way to get an insiders look at all the styles we have here on the streets of Canada, and I’d like to wish them good luck in their future endeavors. 🙂

-Zoe, Miss Teenage Nova Scotia 2017

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