I absolutely LOVE hiking, swimming, and everything about NATURE!! I feel so fortunate to live just 2 minutes away from a beautiful park nestled in the back of my hometown. Victoria Park is a premier tourist destination in my town of Truro, with trails, waterfalls, a bandstand for concerts, and even a swimming pool. Whenever I feel stressed from the chaos of everyday life, I simply take a relaxing hike around the park, which refreshes me every single time! Victoria Park has always been a part of my life, and by now, I’ve¬† explored pretty much every river, trail, and hidden treasures it holds. Ever since I was two years old, I’ve visited the pool, the playground, and the trails, and even though I’ve visited hundreds of times, it never ceases to captivate me! The park itself reminds me of an Elven forest, especially when you venture into the deeper parts. It just has an overall mystical feel to it! At every corner is a new discovery, and every trail tells a story. For me, it is not the touristic aspect that makes this park so special, but rather the stories it tells and secrets it holds. Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite hot spots in Victoria Park!

But first of all… Let’s start off with a little history ūüôā

Victoria park was first established in 1887 when Susan Waddell Stevens donated 25 acres of land to the town. That means the park is already 130 years old!! It was enlarged by even more donations of land in the later years, and the town eventually formed a Board of Trustees to manage the land. This Board also created laws to protect the park against commercialization, wildlife abuse, firearm usage, and speed limit of vehicles. In 2010, a zipline company from New Brunswick proposed to develop an aerial adventure company in the middle of the park. Although that would surely be an effective way to improve our town’stouristic aspect and stimulate our region’s economy, the town rejected the offer in favor of preserving the park’s unique heritage. Currently, the park is 100 acres in size and continues to attract thousands of nature enthusiasts per year!

In my recent trip to Victoria Park, I have visited Jacob’s Ladder, the Holy Well gazebo, the¬† bandshell, the town reservoir, and of course, the Joseph Howe Falls! I also frequently swim at Victoria Park Pool, equipped with a children’s splash zone and a bright red waterslide! You could spend a whole day exploring and still not venture on every trail, so here are just a few of the must-sees!

¬† Jacob’s Ladder

This meandering staircase is a well-known attraction in Victoria Park! They really are just stairs, but considering the steepness of the slope, we call it a ladder! At 175 steps tall, it is quite a challenge, and whoever makes it up in one piece is rewarded with a chin-up bar at the top! You can sure get a good workout in with this ladder! If you would prefer a more leisurely pace you can stop at a lookout point mid way through the climb.


 J. Arch Fraser Bandshell

Local musicians and theatre groups frequently use this space to perform. Every week in summer, park goers get to listen to some amazing local tunes from the Sunday in the Park Concert Series. There were also a couple performances of Shakespeare in the Park in the past years, where performers used the whole park as their stage! It’s quite a creative way to put on a play, and very smart to combine both theatre and nature (both two of my favorite passions!!)

Joseph Howe Falls

And finally, you can’t do a post about Victoria Park without forgetting about the Falls! This area is actually the most popular region of the park, and I totally get why! In summer, the Falls are a like metropolis of billowing water, towering staircases, and winding paths. And in the winter, it is as if you had just stepped foot into a gorgeous winter wonderland! Every day, the Falls look slightly different as they transform along with the ever-changing seasons. On this particular day, they weren’t pouring out too much water, but on some days, they are so loud you can hear the roaring from the other end of the park!

Those are just a few of the highlights of the beautiful Victoria Park,but as with many travel locations, you really have to see it to believe it! The fact that the Town is working hard to preserve the park’s heritage despite the economically alluring offers of business development makes me appreciate Victoria Park even more! Generally, change is good, but it is even better to have a place that grounds us to our roots no matter how technologically advanced our world becomes. The beauty of Victoria Park lies within it’s natural wonders, and that is really all the park needs to make it shine!

Feel free to visit Victoria Park Truro’s Webpage¬† for more info or to plan your next trip ūüôā

-Zoe, Miss Teenage Nova Scotia 2017

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  1. Rob says:

    Well done Zoe. I would have to check to see if those are original photos? but OMG you have aligned the pics perfectly, and they expand at a click, and you have used proper tags and category and you have the hyper-link couched in descriptive anchor text… amazing. My Humber college students seldom do as well. So be proud of yourself. It those are original pics…? Then you are already as good as the pros.

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