Today consisted of some touring around Toronto! I even got some really nice photos of the CN tower! For breakfast, we ate at Eggilicious, which is a Canadian restaurant!


A photo of the outside from the tour bus!

A photo of the outside from the tour bus!











This photo was taken before saying our goodbyes after visiting the Nuvango store & studio! Was an awesome tour of the building and changed my view on the fashion industry. After the tour, we tried on Nuvango clothing and got to strike many poses in a photo shoot !

I was also very surprised to find out, this amazing studio was managed by a brilliant Nova Scotian, Dawn Laing!

Dawn is a sweet heart! She gave me her contact information and offered to send me Nuvango clothes once I return home as well as a $50 gift card for there!!

I highly recommend you go visit them and see their retro designed building, and clothing at 2738 Dundas St. West. Besides, you might as well go see their adorable studio dog!! He’s so cute and super lovable !


Here are photos from the photo shoot where the girls and I are decked out in our Nuvango clothing!


The outfit I chose! So vibrant & colourful!

The outfit I chose! So vibrant & colourful!









All their clothing can be found on their website at

Stopping by is not for you? You can also support them by  liking their Facebook page at,  following them on Twitter at  Nuvango as well as their Instagram at nuvango !!

My own personal tourist photo’s !!!











Then we went to The Bata Shop Museum! Talk about fascinating!

Written by: Katie

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