My heart is broken for my province. I truly can’t believe such horrible things could happen so close to home. But we are strong, this province is built on tight knit communities and love. So I want to talk about how amazing our province is, instead of the devastating events that took place here. Nova Scotia; the province with deep roots in so many cultures, we thrive on diversity. We celebrate love and acceptance.  This is Nova Scotia, we take the time to get to know everyone we meet, we’re friendly and despite any differences we have we still look for similarities. I love my culture and learning about other people’s cultures. I strongly believe everyone should have the chance to learn about their culture and Nova Scotia, while we’re not perfect yet we strive to seek truth about our history. Nova Scotia is not faultless but even still we try so hard to be the best we can be and correct our mistakes. We’ve shown our true colours during this time of social distancing; at every chance I’ve seen communities support each other, leaving gifts at the end of driveways, making signs and leaving lunches for our essential workers and even a virtual kitchen party. This province is one, of love, friendship and solidarity. I love my province with everything in me and I am so proud of us. We are Nova Scotia strong.

Written by: Machara
Posted On: Categories:Miss Teenage Canada

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