Hey! Tomorrow is the first day of pageant week and I’m beyond excited ! The past few months have been crazy busy ! With fundraisers and studying for my associates exam to become a highland dance teacher, which I’m proud to say I passed with high marks ! I decided to sell masks as a fundraiser, donating half the funds to Children’s Wish and the other half to Feed Nova Scotia ! The fundraiser has been super hectic but I’m very proud to say I donated – $2585 through Gateway Meat Market; a local grocery store. I spent this fundraiser with many late nights sewing masks in my basement and it definitely paid off, because with what I donated to Gateway Meat Market, 1600 pounds of food was given to Feed Nova Scotia ! I wanted to make sure I did a fundraiser for Feed Nova Scotia, not only because my platforms food insecurity but because COVID-19 has had a huge impact on food stores at all food banks, most aren’t getting near enough food to help their community, especially with food insecurity being on the rise due to people not being able to work.
The other half of the funds were given to Children’s Wish, which after the fundraiser of making masks, I followed up by selling cookbooks ! My old dance school had boxes of cookbooks left from a fundraiser we did a few years back, so I gave them new covers, made some bookmarks and they were sold out within 18 hours ! In total I was able to donate $3500 to Children’s Wish and I look forward to working with them in the future ! Look out for more updates, I can’t wait to see what this week will bring ! That’s all for now, spread love and kindness !

Written by: Machara
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